Now you can purchase the Apple Watch at prices as low as $250 as the company has started selling refurbished watches. These refurbished Series 1 and Series 2 models are available for purchase on the official Apple site, starting from today. Previously, Apple offered refurbished iPad, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV as well as Macs.

The refurbished store is offering Apple watches at a discount of 14-16 percent depending upon aluminium and Watch Sport models. While the Series 1 Apple Watch Sport starts from $229 for the 38mm model,the 42mm model is priced at $249. The series 2 models are available at $309 and $339 for the 38mm model and 42mm models respectively. Stainless steel models are priced slightly higher at $469 for the 38mm and can go up to $509 for the 42mm model.

Apple is not offering Series 0 watches in any condition on its refurbished store due to its lacking processing capabilities. Whereas both the Series 1 and Series 2 watches possess faster dual core SoCs and some of Series 2 watches are GPS equipped as well. The release time of the refurbished store has been well-planned seeing the ongoing festivities alongside gained maturity by the product.

The store provides an year warranty for the products with Apple certification. The website also states, ‘Limited supplies, but updated frequently’ which means in case you want to gift these you need to buck up. The refurbished products are delivered for free and include free return policy alongside. Apple assures availability of the its products only upon receipt of full payment. For now only 11 watches are on display which might increase in coming time.

Though Apple releases refurbished watches,the company still isn’t offering any monetary rewards for trading in an Apple Watch. Instead of trading, Apple is simply accepting watches from users for recycling. If you don’t mind a second hand wearable, you can check out these cool watches and definitely buy one.

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