To make sure you show all the love you want to, during this holiday season, Instagram has come up with Stickers and hands-free video mode for its users. For these recently added features you’ll require the version 10.3 available on App Store and Google Play. You’ll be able to add these stickers to your stories post update.

The new sticker button is available just next to the drawing and text tool in the top right corner of the camera screen. On tapping the button you’ll find stickers for time, location, date along with few holiday themed stickers. You can search your location and put it up as your stickers similar to as you put in your feed. These holiday themed stickers would be available for a limited time and includes Christmas tree, gingerbread man, snowman, mistletoe etc. You can also adjust the size of these stickers and easily move them around.

Apart from stickers, Instagram brings in a special candy cane brush as an extension to drawing tool for the ongoing holiday season. Also you need not hold the camera button anymore for a video. With the new update you simply need to tap once on ‘Hands-Free’ option in the format picker for a video. Further you can also add and align multiple texts over a video or photo. Though option of adding text was previously available you can now adjust the size and align it accordingly.

Though the new features out are quite interesting, Instagram still lacks behind in innovation and clones features from other social media platforms available. The stickers were available on Snapchat long back and further Apple also released similar stickers for its iMessage. Facebook and Google also offer their users stickers on their messenger platforms. Further it also released a feature for bookmarking posts taking on Snapchat’s feature to save stories.

It is yet to witness if Instagram bringing an unique feature they can claim as a result of their own ideas and innovation.

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