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Google Home is all set to win the battle for home assistants by adding  Sony Electronics on its platform. In the previous week Google Home on boarded a long list of support services including Netflix, Quora, Tender, Wall Street Journal, Tender, Dominos, CNBC etc. But Google is still not done yet. Today the company hitched Sony announcing,

Google Home users can now use voice control to stream music and video to several models of new and existing Chromecast built-in Sony speakers and Android TV Sony 4K HDR televisions.

Now you can ask Google Home to play music on your Sony Speakers and enjoy several streaming services available on home assistant including YouTube Music. You can ask Google Home to shuffle, repeat, rewind, forward, or play a particular playlist on your Sony Speakers You can also control the volume of the speaker and even ask Home “Ok Google, what is playing?” But the essential requirement for the thing to work out is you should have Chromecast built-in Sony speakers or audio devices. Some of the Chromecast built-in compatible Sony audio devices include model SRS-X99, SRS-ZR7, SRS-ZR5,SRS-HG1 wireless speakers, STR-DN860 receivers, HT-RT5 sound bars etc.

The firmware update comes at the holiday time boosting up the sales of Sony audio devices. Mike Fasulo, the President of Sony Electronics stated in a press release,

This functionality is available today for the Chromecast built-in Sony speakers and Android TV Sony 4K HDR televisions consumers already have at home, or plan to purchase for the holidays, This additional functionality is another example of Sony’s commitment to customer choice by delivering new and innovative technologies.

Another interesting feature that comes along is Google’s multi-room group feature for Sony. The feature will virtually group any combination of Google Home, Chromecast Audio or Chromecast built-in Sony speakers together. Using the said feature you’ll be able to play synchronized music throughout the home. A group can be created by Google Home users using ‘The Speakers’ app available in Google home which will allow them to play the same song on both Google Home and the Sony speakers using their voice or mobile device.The feature will enhance the music experience for the users enabling them to play music across multiple rooms.

The service is available for all Sony Android TVs too though it start date may vary in different countries. With Sony and Google joining hands, Say, “Ok Google, play party playlist on all speakers.” to begin your festive celebrations.

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