Niantic clarifies all doubts revolving around Pokemon Go’s release for Apple Watch via social media platform Twitter. The official account for the game recently tweeted,

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned.

The rumor of scrapping the game for Apple Watch gained momentum after an image on Reddit was posted stating that the game has been shelved by Apple and further development for the same has been dismissed. Niantic also gave a statement to the Tech Crunch reporting,

Thanks for checking with us! The image in that Reddit post is not real. Development on Pokémon GO continues, as it has since before the Apple announcement. We’ll have more news on the product soon.

Announcements regarding game’s presence on Apple Watch was made by developers at the launch event of iPhone7/ 7 plus in September. The company further declared that the game was coming to Apple Watch as part of an Apple keynote speech and might roll out by the end of 2016. With the year coming to an end and game still not available for iOS watches is yet another factor for the widespread tittle-tattle. It is quite possible that Niantic may shift the release date to early 2017 viewing its delays.

Through the presence of game on Apple Watch, the players would be able to access the game from their watches. They need not take out their smartphones for catching a Pokemon and would get notifications for the game on watch’s display only. This would also proof as an advantageous feature and boost up sales for Apple watches. For Pokemon Go it will lead to easier gameplay for its players thus increasing its popularity.

The reason for delay might be recent bricking issues seen in Apple’s latest watchOS 3.1.1 update. However, Niantic also recently released a teaser of second generation Pokémon, it is possible that developers might harness the good news for game lovers as a Christmas present. As soon as any news comes along, we’ll keep you updated!

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