Google Day or Gday is an annual startup community event organized by Google Business Group (GBG) Mumbai and supported by Google. The events bring together expert speakers from Google, successful entrepreneurs, and interesting startups to deliver a day-long engaging experience in the Mumbai’s startup community.

The event is bringing together 30 startups working in cutting edge technologies such as IOT, 3D printing, Drone, Virtual reality, Haptic, Language technologies, Chatbots, etc., all of these are emerging today but can become commonplace in a year or two. Gday supports these startups by providing a platform for them to take off on.

Google’s Country Head of Connectivity, Mr. Gulzar Azad is the keynote speaker at Gday. He said,

When entrepreneurs apply design and technology to constraints, brilliance emerges; Google Day has an exciting line-up of startups, I am looking forward to seeing many awesome demos and inspiring ideas.

The 30 participating startups are also eligible for mentor sessions in areas including Google technologies such as Firebase, Cloud, AdMob and general business topics including monetization, branding, go to market strategy, UI/UX, product management. GBG Mumbai has forged collaborative partnerships with NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, Zone Startups India, Headstart and #HackMum to identify the best of startups, speakers, and mentors for this event.  Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Chapter manager of GBG Mumbai says,

While previous year’s Gday saw 27 speakers and 350+ participants at a collaboration with IIT B’s e-cell, this year’s theme is a Tech Carnival. We want to bring to front some of the finest, newest and most innovative startups from the hottest area of technologies and then reassure them with the support from the ecosystem

The event is being held at iconic Bombay Stock Exchange’s convention hall. Zone Startups which is also located on the same premises will be used for the mentoring sessions later in the day. Tanish Thakker of Zone Startups says,

We are really excited about the format of Gday, true to the spirit of being a technology carnival, we shall have less talking, fewer PPTs and more of interaction, live demos, more awesomeness.

Sahil Gupta, who leads the NASSCOM 10000 StartUp’s initiatives in Western Region India comments,

With this collaboration for Google Day we aim to bring out the best of the startup ecosystem in Mumbai, which is vibrant & at the same time innovative. A Tech Carnival celebrating the true spirit of technology and showcasing startups in varied domains like IoT, Chatbots, Clean Tech, Smart Cities, VR, Drones, etc., is a testimony to this. We aim to deliver true value to the startups through an interesting mix of product showcases, opportunities for cross-collaborations, top-level mentoring and well-curated speaker sessions.

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