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Facebook has always set a benchmark for other social media platforms and has made it a habit of coming up with new features every once in a while. The company has today launched a brand new feature on its Messenger app that will make communication using messenger.

The new feature is strikingly similar to the Snapchat filters which offers users interesting and funny facial masks, photo filters and stickers. Facebook is doing something similar, however, it has added it own twists and turns to the feature.

The Messenger’s in app camera can make unlimited number of overlaid graphics on your photos and videos. In addition to that, anything you type can be converted into quirky and goofy fonts that you can post on your images or videos.

Also, If Messenger recognizes the meaning of your text in any of 15 different popular languages, it will even show related filters. For example if you message a friend telling him that you got a new cat, a picture of a cute looking cat will follow automatically.

Facebook’s head of Messenger, David Marcus, told TechCrunch

A lot more conversations are starting from photos. We wanted to make sure we could be a first-class citizen when it comes to visual messaging, and naturally for that you need a good camera.

These exciting new features will be available to Facebook Messenger users from today and tomorrow on both iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook appears to have worked hard to get this feature up and running. Apparently, the company went all the way and even assembled an art team.

At first we didn’t have any art so we had to work to assemble an art team.

Well, that just goes to show that unless you do something properly, you shouldn’t bother doing it at all. According to Jennifer Whitley, Creative Director, Facebook Messenger,

We work with creators all over the world for people all over the world. One-third of our library is created for specific regions and demographics.

The concept which was once novel to Snapchat, was one of the greatest reasons why the app gained such huge popularity. Now that messenger, with its billion plus users, has augmented and adopted the feature as well, we can expect users to take to it like fish to water.

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