With Uber acing the cab service and ride-sharing business, automakers BMW and Daimler are reportedly collaborating to give a tough competition to its US based rival Uber.

According to German monthly Manager Magazin, BMW which operates DriveNow and Daimler which runs Car2Go may combine their ride-sharing services for better business opportunities. The two individual companies have achieved limited success in the US, but have not been able to come at par with Uber.

According to the report, not only are the two companies planning to come together but are also planning to add other mobility services to their group.

Earlier in the month of July, Daimler collaborated its Mytaxi service with Hailo, which is yet another start up cab servicing company. Along with that Daimler also operates Moovel, a one of a kind mobility app which is a platform for booking and payment system for various mobility services like carsharing, taxis, bike rentals or public transportation.

As far as BMW is concerned, it operates ParkNow, an app that lets you book your ideal parking space and ChargeNow, with which you can charge your electric vehicle at any of their partner charging stations and receive just one monthly bill.

Although there is no comment from both the companies on the collaboration, there is a possibility that all these services of BMW and Daimler could come under one umbrella, should they decide to join hands.

Uber too has been picking up well and has been expanding its business. It has recently started providing some self-driving Volvos in San Francisco, autonomously, but whether the service is legal or not, is still not clear.

Although the company is facing many legal lawsuits in Europe, Uber is still doing remarkably well everywhere However, a collaboration that has two mammoths like Daimler and BMW at both the ends, is not something to be taken lightly.

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