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Apple had rolled out its standalone support app in Netherlands just a month back. The Support app is now available for free installation in the U.S. App store as well. The app is launched for the convenience of users in addition to the previously available Apple support website. It is a personalized guide including features like iCloud integrations and personal chat.

The app allows users to schedule an appointment at an Apple Store or with an authorized third-party dealership. You can chat, schedule a call, or drop a mail to the provided Apple Support technician post appointment has been fixed. Further, through the app you can easily look up for your nearby Apple stores.

The app would act as a central destination for all of your product info (via iCloud integration) and provide seamless customer support to iOS users. Apart from this, it also includes articles and tutorials for support based upon recurring issues faced by users.


The app would also provide users product documentation similar to the support website alongside their support case history. This info includes hardware details like iPhone’s serial number and IMEI about which users are generally unaware. The app has been a success in Netherlands with no major drawbacks or issues for a while now which paves its way for roll out in the U.S. It comes out at a perfect festive time when sales for iOS products usually soars.

Apple also made a Twitter account dedicated to resolving technical issues over the social media platform. Further, the company has also disabled the Genius Bar appointments feature from the App store. The steps taken by them would, hence, remove the burden on retail stores and help solve minor problems of customers effortlessly.

Apple would be releasing the app in other countries as well in near future. For now it’s available in Netherlands and U.S. only.

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