Apple has today rolled out the Apple TV app for public offered on Apple TV,  iPhone and iPad. Apple unveiled its plans for the launch of Apple TV app months back, which is now available along with the iOS 10.2 update. Yes! you read that right, Apple also released iOS 10.2 to the public today which it had been testing since October 31.

Speaking about the Apple TV app, it would enable you to view and track TV shows and movies across all the apps installed on your iOS devices. The app would also give you recommendations and will let you access iTunes library and the iTunes store. The app also includes  Live Tune-in with Siri through which you can seamlessly watch your favorite shows on hands free mode. The app includes separate sections named ‘Watch Now’ and ‘ Up Next’ for convenience of users. The ‘Watch Now’ section would include all shows and movies available on iTunes and other apps while ‘Up Next’ section would display recently purchased shows and movies. One of the significant features of the app include single sign-on option for its users. Thus, it will be a centralized app for all of your content.

The Apple TV rather than supporting major streaming providers supports individual TV network apps. This means you would be able to watch content available on apps of Hulu or HBO but Netflix would be out of the list. Similarly, major telecom brands aren’t covered by Apple such as Comcast or Time Warner.

Moreover as soon as you’ll update your devices to iOS 10.2, it would lead to automatic installation of the Apple TV app. The update can be installed via iTunes and is available for all iOS 10 users. Apart from the app, iOS 10.2 includes an all new range of emoji. These emoji include profession emoji in both female and male genders along with a couple redesigns for previously available emoji.

The iOS 10.2 update also brings changes in the Music app. It now allows users to choose how to sort Playlists, Albums, and Songs in Library. Also, access to Shuffle, Repeat and Up Next have been made easier by swiping up the screen. Through the update you can now save news into new ‘Saved’ section along with a introduction of section for best paid stories from channels you subscribe.

iOS 10.2 also brings significant changes to iMessages. The messages will now have new send with love and celebration full screen effects. Further, additional support for RAW digital cameras have also been enabled in the iOS version.

Also, another noticeable feature includes BraillePen14 support to VoiceOver in accessiblity section. Apart from these, several fixes have been made regarding previously faced issues along with improvements in major features and apps.

iOS 10 was launched to public users on September 13 and post that iOS 10.2 now marks yet another relevant update for all iOS users across globe.

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