Kojima Productions has collaborated with Guerrilla Games(developers of the killzone series and the upcoming Horizpn: zero dawn) on the development of his latest project Death Stranding and will use Guerilla’s Decima engine, as was announced a couple of days back.

This partnership news was revealed in the midst of a Death Stranding panel at the PlayStation Experience event which has left a lot of people gasping for breath after all the reveals. After discussing the game’s latest and even more confusing trailer than the first, Kojima was accompanied on stage by Guerrilla’s Hermen Hulst and Sony’s Mark Cerny. Cerny mentioned the trip he and Kojima made to meet various developers when they were trying to find the right technology for creating Death Stranding.

“Unfortunately, Kojima-san needed to leave his technology with his former employee, so we went on a quest to find an engine for his game” Cerny’s statement which left the crowd boo-ing at Konami, being the “former employee”.

Kojima finally decided to settle on Decima, which is the game engine which is currently being used to power all of Guerrilla’s games in development, including the upcoming and highly anticipated Horizon: Zero Dawn. Hulst also mentioned that it’s taken a “quantum leap” forward in the past few years to get it ready for Kojima’s latest project. Kojima further added that he “had a very good feeling” about Guerrilla after he meeting he had with the team.

There was a subtle reference to Decima’s ability to handle a full fledged open-world game, though keep in mind that doesn’t necessarily indicate that Death Stranding will be an open-world title. Kojima further confirmed that the second trailer was running in real-time on a PS4 Pro.

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