Oculus VR has today shown off its touch controller launch lineup with 50+ new titles. Oculus’s Touch motion controllers are scheduled to be launched next week at a price of $199.

With the announcement of 53 new titles to be released on 6th December alongside the hardware launch, the Facebook-owned company is looking to create mass momentum. The power-packed headgear with the new motion-tracking peripherals by its side makes it a tough competition in the market, especially against HTC Vive and Sony PS VR.

The list of all 53 touch titles that would be hitting the stores on 6th December is available on Oculus’ official site. Though a majority of these titles are games, a few entertainment apps have also been included in the launch lineup. It also confirms the addition of new titles like Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Arktika.1, and other Ocean’s Giant Cop: Justice Above All into the Oculus store by 2017. The pre-orders of Touch would be rolled out with The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge included for free.

In November itself, Oculus had released its much-awaited technological update for its headgear. The team introduced Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) technology, which enables Rift users to use the VR headset on PCs with much lower specifications. It significantly improved the efficiency of VR games and experiences. Though it is yet to compete with wireless VR headgear present in VR industry.

Also, the touch controller launch is accompanied by the official Toybox release. The demo experience of toybox would be available in Oculus stores for free at the same time.

The list of titles include The Climb, Dead and Buried, I Expect You To Die, Kingspray, Oculus First Contact, Quill by Story Studio (beta) and many more fun games to experience. The 53 title line-up would surely dismiss the Xbox One controller, which faced production issues, from consumer’s minds.

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