Today, the automobile industry is majorly concentrating on building electric vehicles as a step towards sustainable development. Though, there are other players who’re suggesting alternative sources for dismissing the use of fossil fuels. Nikola Motor Company is certainly one of them.

On Thursday, the automaker unveiled the all-new hydrogen-powered Nikola One, a model class 8 truck, at its Salt Lake City headquarters. This invite-only launch event was attended by more than 600 members, including the media, industry partners, customers and government leaders.

For those unaware, Nikola Motor company spearheaded by CEO Trevor Milton is a prominent manufacturer of electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains.

Speaking about Nikola One, its energy supplier would be a hydrogen fuel cell giving it a range of 800 – 1,200 miles (which is way more than the 200+ miles of the Tesla). Further, it would also deliver 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 ft. lbs. of torque with zero emissions.

In addition to the sustainable fuel option, the truck is a futuristic technology beast which packs in a massive 21-inch touch screen — similar to Tesla, apologies for the comparison but its evident. Powered by in-house developed Nikola Shipments software, the driver can control most of the vehicle’s functions via this screen. It includes checking battery levels, range, wheel torque, cabin controls, navigation and other vehicle data. This is another first for a heavy-duty truck and shows your profile, revenue and expenses from driving around.


Due to the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations, the company’s leasing program would offer unlimited hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance during a 72-month term. Until then, Nikola believes it would’ve set up a basic network of stations across the country. It is currently in discussion with U.S. and Canadian government’s for the construction of  hydrogen fueling stations by January 2018. At the event, Milton stated,

We are extremely excited to finally show off the Nikola One to the public for the first time.There are many out there that wondered if we would deliver, but today we proudly show off the most advanced semi-truck ever built. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have one of the best brands in America, Ryder, as our trusted partner providing nationwide sales, service and warranty for Nikola Motor Company.

Nikola Motors would be determining the location of its manufacturing facility by the first half of 2017. It plans to deliver end product through Ryder System, Inc. as its exclusive nationwide distribution and maintenance provider.

Commenting on the launch, Ryder’s President of Global Fleet Management Solutions, Dennis Cooke said,

This relationship is key to expanding our advanced vehicle technology portfolio of innovative solutions. Ryder continually monitors emerging fleet technologies and seeks to establish relationships with companies that are leading innovation within the commercial transportation industry.

Though there has been no say upon the pricing, the trucks are expected to be on roads by 2020.

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