The brand “Nokia” has a special nostalgic sort of feeling attached to it. We can fondly remember of those glory days for this finnish telecom giant, when all one could see were either Nokias or Blackberrys. We Indians, have an even special attachment, considering that Nokia was the first mobile phone (yes, back in those days there used to be “mobile” phones) brand to have ever achieved immense mass popularity.

So to all those Nokia fans (including myself), here’s a good news, coming straight from the company.

As has been rumoured for long, Nokia has now confirmed that it is indeed working on an altogether different line-up of smartphones, powered by Android. Finally, a change, which if had happened earlier, could have taken Nokia into an even greater position of dominance, thus never allowing the likes of Samsung to take pole positions or the plethora of those cheaper Chinese folks, to even take birth.

Here’s a screenshot from the phones page at Nokia’s website, which confirms company’s Android intentions :


Nevertheless, here in India, we have a popular saying “देर आए, दुरुस्त आए” (Better be late, than never).

Details on what these new phones will look like or what specifications will they house, are scarce. Nokia too, hasn’t displayed these phones anywhere on its website. All you can see are those rarely use feature phones, which the brand was once popularly known for.

Earlier rumours have suggested there may be two phones, with metal, water resistant designs, Android Nougat software and a very sensitive camera sensor.

It is important to note though, that despite Nokia making a return to the smartphone genre, it is highly unlikely that the production will be the way it used to be. The “Nokia” brand was earlier bought by manufacturer HMD Global, from Microsoft at a paltry $350Mn. One could hence assume, that the manufacturer would simply put the “Nokia” tag over the phones it manufactures.

Be as it may be, for those of us who have used a Nokia for a long time and have loved the brand, are all waiting in glee for the first smartphone with the legendary “Nokia” brand, to come out.

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