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Reliance Jio extends its free usage offer until March 31, for both new and existing customers

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Post the achievement of connecting a massive 50 million users to its telecom network within just 3 months, Jio is back again to further fulfil our salivating desires with some new announcements.

On Thursday, Reliance Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh D Ambani took center stage to ecstatically share that Jio is not only the fastest growing firm in India but the world – ahead of WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype. Its users have now started using twenty-five times more data as compared an average broadband user in the country.

Jio has managed to register over 6 lakh users every month for the whole time period since its launch in September. This rapid growth in user base has been fueled by the 3-month Welcome Offer, which provides users with unlimited 4G internet usage, voice calls (either local or STD).

e-KYC allowed SIM activation in under 5 minutes. This is the best experience for activating anywhere in the world. Today, Jio has successfully rolled out eKYC across 2 lakh outlets in India. We are in the process of doubling this network, to 4 lakh digitally-enabled outlets, by March 2017,

mentions Mukesh Ambani on stage.

Thus, with the feasibility and ease of the sign-up process, Jio has announced that it is giving the populace of India another chance to get their hands on a SIM with the extension of the Welcome Offer. Now renamed as the ‘Jio Happy New Year Offer,’ this will again enable users to grab a Jio SIM and access the services for free over the next three months. TRAI had previously announced that the 3-month free services offer would end this December but it has now been extended until March 31, 2017. This falls in line with previous reports which suggested the said change. All existing customers will get the benefit of free services and Jio’s bouquet of apps until March end.

But, there’s a catch with this extension period of free services. Jio’s user survey shows that over 80% of its subscribers consume up to 1 GB on data daily, while the remaining 20% of the subscribers use considerably more data. Thus, the carrier is now reducing the high-speed limit to 1 GB per user a day, after which you will be able to access the internet at 128 kbps.

The official statement mentions that this decision has come into effect to ensure that all the Jio users get a superior data experience. In addition, Jio also plans to debut a completely digital recharge and billing experience in this welcome offer period – of course to familiarize users with the same.

Addressing the customers, employees, and the viewers of the livestream, Mr. Ambani took a jab at other telecom carriers of the country – especially the top three. Due to the advent rise of Jio and its superior 4G-LTE technology, he mentioned, these carriers had resorted to anti-competitive behavior. They had blocked access to over 900 crore voice calls from Jio to their network in last three months.

On this note, he went on to add that the company is introducing mobile number portability on their network. The customers who’re willing to make a switch from their existing carrier to Jio will now be able to migrate and retain their numbers in the process. This could be seen as another hook to the rival telecom carriers in the country. And for those who aren’t willing to stand in queues, you can now also order a SIM card to your doorstep. Yes, Jio offers this service as well.

In addition, Mukesh Ambani also extended his support for PM Narendra Modi’s demonetization move, which has led to the scrapping of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes in favor of new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. This, he believes, will boost the growth of digital economy, while introducing the much-needed transparency and accountability.

Today, I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s bold and historic decision to demonetize old currency. By doing this, our PM has given the strongest push to the growth of digitally-enabled, optimal-cash economy in India. I believe that common people will be the biggest beneficiaries of this change,

said Mukesh Ambani in his statement.

This led him to shed light on the company’s plans of participating in the move to a cashless economy. Thus, JioMoney is planning to become a key driver of this change and join the ranks of Paytm or Freecharge. To make this a reality, the company is expanding its reach to millions of touch points where micro ATMs will be deployed.

This will enable merchants to fuel their transactions and enhance sales with the deployment of JioMoney’s Merchant Solution, he states. Much like every other digital payment provider, the company will give you freedom to transact at railway ticket, bus ticket, and mass transit booths. It will also work at restaurants, mandis, and other small shops as well.

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