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Over the past month, Google has been continually introducing test features and thematic overhauls in its widely used Play Store. Be it minor changes such as updating the app card with more info or major ones like a new theme and layout for the home screen. And today, Google seems to be testing another minor but useful change with a handful of users.

This upgrade introduces changes in the way ‘Top Charts’ are displayed on the Play Store. For those unaware, Top Charts is the parent category which hosts the top-most ranking apps, games and trending apps — be it free or paid.

Earlier, these top charts used to display all trending apps in the form of exclusive app cards. But, the tech behemoth is now doing away with the spacing between the cards and displaying the ranking more prominently – via numbers on the left-hand side.


Also, earlier if you had some of the top ranking apps installed on your phone then you’d have to continuously scroll to get to the bottom to discover more new and trending apps. Google is planning to fix this user experience flaw with the addition of a nifty new toggle button. This button will enable you to toggle whether you want to display all of the installed apps in the Top Charts or not. Once the installed apps are hidden, the listings become decluttered — making it easier for the user to discover new apps.

This feature upgrade has started rolling out to a wider user base across the globe, reports Android Police. This could mean that Google is finally releasing this UX change to the public but it is still to make an appearance in my Play Store app. In addition, the company has also been testing some major changes to the home screen UI of the Play Store — which now includes a card-like carousel and the app category option has been moved to the top of this carousel instead of being at the bottom of it.

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