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Recently, Apple seems to have chosen the path of redemption. Post the reduction in repair charges to fix the ‘Touch Disease’ in 2014 iPhone 6 Plus devices, the Cupertino giant has announced a battery replacement program for iPhone 6s owners. This program has been introduced for those iPhone owners, who’re facing unexpected shutdowns.

In the official statement, Apple discovered that “a very small number of iPhone 6s devices” manufactured between September and October last year have been affected by certain battery issues. This, the company states, is not a safety issue and only causes the iPhone to repeatedly shut down. The owners of these faulty devices won’t have to face the horrors of an exploding device, unlike those of the Galaxy Note 7 did.

The Cupertino giant has, thus, instructed owners of such faulty devices to visit the nearest Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to have their devices checked out. The company has recognized the range of serial number affected by this issue and the customer support people will check your device’s serial number to confirm eligibility for a free battery replacement. In addition, the company also states that if any iPhone owners have suffered a similar issue and got their batteries replaced.

In addition, Apple also states that it will reimburse the battery replacement costs if an iPhone user has suffered a similar issue and got their batteries replaced prior to this statement. Other damage issues, such as a shattered screen, will be resolved before moving onto the battery replacement procedure. This is necessary because a cracked screen could hinder the process or the process could cause the screen to crack even further.

Also, if you’re about to send in your device for a replacement, remember to back up your data on iTunes or iCloud. Once through, erase all content from your phone and turn off the ‘Find my iPhone’ setting. Now, you are ready to submit the device for battery replacement.

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