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Twitter starts rolling out QR codes to make user accounts discoverable, easy to follow

twitter qr codes
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Twitter is back to introducing new features to enable them to do just one thing – increase its user base. The micro-blogging platform, which has shown some growth signs of lately, has today introduced QR codes only on a handful of user profiles. These Snapchat-inspired custom QR codes will make it easier for users to discover and follow accounts on the platform.

The launch of these QR codes was announced via a tweet from a Twitter designer named Brittany, who called these similar to Snap codes. The ephemeral messaging app, which has an IPO coming soon, has acted as a source of inspiration for numerous social media companies. While Twitter has only inspired these sharable and discoverable codes from the Snapchat app, Facebook has completely ripped off every feature from its app.

Twitter QR codes are indeed similar to Snap codes as they sport the user’s profile picture in the middle coupled with a unique code and a twitter logo on the bottom right(as seen above). Though the process of adding new accounts on Twitter was already quite straight-forward but QR codes will now enable you to easily discover people on other platforms as well. Now you won’t need to recommend people to follow a certain username, you can simply share the QR code and users will be able to scan and add them, if they want.


Though everything sounds easy peasy but the QR code generation feature has been tucked in safely within the qualms of the Twitter app. To create your unique QR code on Android, you’ll first need to navigate to your profile page from the hamburger menu. Then, tap on the overflow menu button(three dots on the top right) and tap on the ‘QR code option.

On iOS, you’ll also need to first navigate to the profile page. You’ll then need to tap on the ‘Settings’ cog button to gain access to various options, including the QR codes one. You’ll then be able to see your QR code in the center of the screen. These QR codes can be shared via social networks, email or you can even save it to the gallery.

In addition, as expected, you also require a QR scanner to follow new people and grow your network on Twitter. You can tap on the ‘QR scanner’ button underneath the code to open the camera interface that’ll enable you to scan someone else’s code. Once you’ve scanned the code, it reveals the user’s profile right within the said square and you can follow them from right there. Also like Snapchat, you can scan the code using a local image stored on your phone.

Do you think you’ll use Twitter QR codes as much as Snap codes? Comment your thoughts down below.

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