Social media behemoth Facebook acquired one of the largest photo-sharing apps Instagram back in 2012 for over $1 billion and we’ve been waiting for a meaningful amalgamation of the same for long. Though both these social networks allow you to log in and share posts across platforms, it might be the only functionality you are aware of. But, Facebook is making some pretty important changes for business owners on these platforms.

Facebook has long been focusing on building synergies to grow the corporate aspect of the platforms. It already allows page managers to set up and control their Instagram ads from within the Page settings on Facebook. The social media giant now believes that Instagram is also an important business avenue. Thus, it is today introducing a unified Pages Manager Inbox that’ll enable businesses to manage their conversations across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram via a single outlet. This will enable businesses to stay updated with user orders, feedback and complaints at any time and location.

If you actively manage communications for your business across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, you can save time with the updated inbox by responding to all enquiries within a single app,

reads the official release statement.

To get started with this unification, you’ll need to connect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the Pages Manager mobile app. Once you’re logged in, you need to simply tap on the messaging icon in the bottom bar and you’ll be introduced to the new inbox feed. Here you’ll be able to manage messages from three key avenues – Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram all at once.

With this unified messaging solution, business will be able to reply to their Facebook comments, visitor posts, reviews, messages as usual. But if they receive a comment from a user on Instagram, it’ll be shown within this inbox in a manner similar to a Facebook message. You can then tap on any of the comments and reply to it in a fashion similar to how you would do in the official Instagram app.


In addition, Facebook is also enabling business managers to better understand their customers on the platform. They’ll now also be able to gain access to basic information from publicly available user profiles in this unified inbox. It will not only show if you’ve ever interacted with a particular user but also label them to let you know if a conversation is urgent or the user is a regular customer.

This new feature is expected to roll out to all users(prominently businesses) of the Pages Manager mobile app in the coming weeks. The social media giant further plans to add additional engagement options to improve the speed of managing your business on the platform.

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