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While home-brewed cab hailing giant Ola is facing backlash from drivers for reducing incentives, its American rival Uber is rolling out an exclusive rewards program for its driver partners to avoid such hullaballoo. Christened ‘UberCLUB,’ this reward program aims to recognize the excellent customer service provided by these driver partners. It is, however, just one facet of the program.

UberCLUB is designed to enable driver partners to grow their business, reduce their overall operating costs and stay healthy in the process. The company is initially introducing this program across ten Indian cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kochi and Coimbatore.

This incentive program modeled on Uber’s global Momentum Rewards Program has been customized to cater to the bedrock of this large cab hailing platform — driver partners. It has been specifically designed to touch every aspect of life, meaning this will benefit the driver’s business as well their families.

The company plans to offer eligible driver partners access to substantial rewards and discounts on products and services across numerous categories. These include automobile insurance, vehicle maintenance, lifestyle, health and wellness products which we might require in our everyday lives.

Commenting on the introduction of this initiative, Bhavik Rathod, General Manager(South & West) at Uber India, says,

We are committed to making it as easy as possible for our driver-partners to start and maintain their own successful and profitable business. We recognise the tremendous service that our driver-partners provide and with our rewards program — UberCLUB — we aim to help them grow their business and enhance their experience with the platform.

UberCLUB has divided into three categories — Silver, Gold, and Diamond, which will be assigned based on the quality and performance of each driver. Starting today, Indian Uber driver who’re eligible will gain access to UberCLUB right away. They’ll also start receiving updates on how to move up to the next tier and access more rewards and discounts.

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