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Google Chrome, our most commonly used web browser has today accomplished a new achievement. Darin Fisher, Chrome Engineering VP announced, on Thursday, that there are presently 2 billion Chrome installs in active use. The news went global at the Chrome Dev Summit currently being held in San Francisco.

The world where we live in has a crucial significance for figures. To achieve a figure of two billion is a major milestone for Google and their Chrome team.

I wanted to make this point that there are a lot of Chrome browsers out there. What’s exciting about this to you all is that when you think about building for the Web, there’ a lot of browsers out there that implement the latest web standards – that implement the latest and greatest Web features,

said Fisher, taking center stage.

However, it is necessary to clarify the fact that active install count is different from that of active users. Active installs for Chrome means the number of downloads. Those downloads include all Chrome versions across mobiles and desktops. On the other hand, active users signify the number of daily users of Chrome. Those of you who use Chrome as a primary web browser are included in active users.

But in situations where Apple provides a built-in web browser(Safari) for its MacBook and iPhone users, Chrome loses. Nevertheless, this April, Google Chrome had crossed 1 billion active user mark on mobiles. With the acceleration in active installs, active user base might also achieve the 2 billion figure in the coming months.

Moreover, Google also claims to have over one billion users for seven of its other products. These include Gmail, Android, Maps, Search, Youtube and the Google Play Store. Google products are in strife for number themselves. Google constantly works upon making changes to its web browser which runs across four different channels – Stable, Dev, Beta, and Canary. The company has recently debuted the Canary version of the browser on Android. It uses bleeding-edge tech and receives an update on the daily. With providing rewards for finding bugs to changes in color schemes and themes, Google Chrome’s popularity spurted.

With the presence of hundreds of browsers using competitive web standards and technologies in the market, such an achievement can only be considered remarkable.

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