Post Qualcomm’s yesterday’s tweetouncement (a new word !!) that a new OnePlus phone is coming up with its new Snapdragon 821 SoC, OnePlus today chose the same platform to announce that the device will be out on 15th November. Another tweetouncement.

FYI, this is the very same processor that is currently found in the Google Pixel.

With the current OnePlus 3 smart phone featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC, the 3T is expected to be an upgraded version of the 3, featuring SD 821 SoC. The company is yet to divulge further information on the product.

Famous American blogger and phone leaker Evan Blass, leaked the information before the formal announcement by the company. He also leaked that the OnePlus 3T will be priced $80 higher than OnePlus 3. This means that the OnePlus 3T could be priced at $479 (approx Rs 32,000)

Other than offering a new processor, there is a rumor that the OnePlus 3T will be running Android 7.0. The phone is also expected to feature Sony’s IMX398 sensor 16MP camera sensor.

A small over view of OnePlus 3:

  • It was launched at Rs 27,999 as an Amazon exclusive in India mid-2016.
  • The phone is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor
  • It has been coupled with an Adreno 530 GPU.
  • It comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

Rumors about an upcoming smartphone after the set-to-launch 3T are also in the air. Though what OnePlus 3T has in store for us is still unknown, here’s what we think, the next iteration has to offer:

  • The device will be named as OnePlus 4
  • It is expected to launch in 2017.
  • It will run on a Snapdragon 830 SoC clocked at 3GHz.
  • It will be coming with an Adreno 620 GPU.
  • It will to come with a 25 per cent larger battery compared to the OnePlus 3 at 4000 mAh.

Stay tuned.

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