Google has updated Gmail app for iOS, with the latest version for the iPhone and iPad will be seen on your Apps stores starting today. This new app is identical to the Gmail app in Android. Though the basic feature set remains the same, like the users will be able to access to all their Gmail labels, they can add multiple accounts and has features like priority inbox, starred email first, the various tabs grouping social, promotional and update emails etc.

In terms of design, Google has done away with the boring colors. You can now almost instantaneously see colors and animations picked up from material design and thrown into iOS to create a beautiful new app. In terms of functionality, emails have a small avatar showing you the sender; the sidebar lets you switch accounts faster. In short, it has become user friendly.

Just in case the mail that was meant for your boyfriend is sent out to your boss by mistake, you can use the “undo send” feature. You can either swipe the message to automatically archive or delete it.

The app is relatively faster than the older version. Also, searching a mail has become much easier in the new app. One will not have to finish a word or hit enter to find the email you’re looking for. This definitely does save time when you have to look for an old mail your snobby boss is just not ready to wait.

These new features are only novel to iOS users. One will always wonder why Google took so long to bring these changes in iOS, if they already existed in an Android!

Along with the Gmail App, Google has also launched an update for its Calendar app for iPhone today. Though a small update and not available on iPad, events, reminders and goals from your Google Calendar are now integrated into the iPhone’s spotlight search. This way, you can make Google Calendar your main option and do away with the built-in iPhone option. Also, it now supports the non-Gregorian calendars like Lunar, Islamic and Hindu.

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