Continuing its rebranding spree under parent Alphabet, Google has today surprisingly revealed that its investment arm Google Capital has been re-branded to CapitalG. Google Capital focuses on investing in growth-stage technology companies(majorly companies relating to e-learning, cyber security etc.)

The change in name has been confirmed through the Google Capital’s tweet which states,

Further hints can be gained as the domain name will now redirect you to

Despite the news, it is important to take note that rebranding of Google Capital to CapitalG has no link with GV. This is another major investment arm for Google which was rebranded from Google Ventures to GV last December. It will continue its investing operations across all industries and all stages whereas CapitalG will only focus on growing companies — that too technology based. The common factor between the two would be both of them would be  managed under David Drummond (SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer) at Google.

Rebranding its name has no consequence on its operations of Google Capital. It will be doing the same course of actions which has been doing since 2013, advising companies on their product, engineering, marketing, operations, and other essential areas. Recently the company invested in Snap.Inc, the parent company of Snapchat and updated its portfolio page to reflect the change.

If we have a close look at the logo of CapitalG, it has a capitalized G in the end in a different color, which has been seen in the past as marketing aspect used by Google to highlight the letter G in apps and other things. Thereby CapitalG represents symbolic change, yet to see the transformations it brings in for the masses.


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