November is surely the most exciting month for game enthusiasts. It is widely recognized as a month full of updates, open betas, and game launches. Following a similar trend, Ubisoft plans to let you dip your feet into Ghost Recon: Wildlands through a pending open beta which will be coming sometime in the “next quarter,” CEO Yves Guillemot mentioned during the company’s earnings call.

Though it has not been made clear what exactly he meant by the “next quarter,” but reporters have left no stone unturned in order to find out the exact date and timings of the Wildlands open beta.

Earlier yesterday, Ubisoft reported its overall earnings for the complete first half of its fiscal 2016-2017 (which ended September 30), with the on-going quarter being the current October-December window. By “Next quarter” Ubisoft, might have meant sometime during the start of 2017. Keeping in mind that the game itself is scheduled to arrive on March 7, 2017.

Guillemot further stated that there will be closed betas prior to the first open beta for Wildlands. He also said the main purpose of the pre-release alpha and beta testing periods is to help players adjust and get a decent grasp of what the upcoming game is really all about.

It can be a revolutionary game, and to compare with The Division last year, it’s in the same trend actually,

Guillemot said, further adding that received feedback so far has been “excellent“.

We expect in the next quarter to do some open betas and closed betas that will help a lot on the players to actually know what the game is and what it can become. We are very confident it will excite gamers a lot.

Get a bunch of your friends really to ride across the wildlands and take on some of the most dangerous mob bosses in an open world region in the most highly anticipated game of the coming year.

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