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Earlier yesterday, DICE unveiled some of the major changes and additions that will be coming to Battlefield 1 in the future. For starters, the developer mentioned in a blog post that it will be tweaking the infamous Suez map to make the Conquest matches “more balanced and the map size more fitting.

Currently, there are only just three flags, but the upcoming update will be adding two more, bringing the total to five(that’s right, I know my maths). This addition will be responsible for bringing the map more in line with the others for Conquest. In addition, the entire capture area size for two of the control points (A and C) will be reduced as an effort to provide ”

In addition, the entire capture area size for two of the control points (A and C) will be reduced as an effort to provide “more dynamic matches“. What’s even more interesting is that one additional armored vehicle is going to be added to each side’s base — more firepower. DICE didn’t really mention when this update will be released.

Further, DICE also announced that it’ll be adding “hardcore” servers for the game. The addition of these servers is mainly to cater the “elite” players, and should be “coming soon,” but again, DICE failed to mention when they will be arriving. This could also include certain things like no radar or drastic changes to health regeneration.

Moving on, the company also revealed that it will be holding a “Battlefest” in-game event. Which will be beginning on November 16 and continuing on for a week, this event will include certain bonus activities as well as a new Battlepack to unlock. The event will also run host to community missions and bonuses for logging in. As such, No specifics have been provided about any of this, but DICE said fans should stay tuned for more details.

One major part of the upcoming Battlefest event is the addition of a lot more custom games, one of which is called Fog of War. As you can guess by the name, this team death-match mode will be challenging players with the use of limited visibility due to the intense fog. Also, the bottom right mini-map and the player name tags will be turned off.

Battlefield 1’s first DLC map, Giant’s Shadow, will launch in December and will be free to all players.

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