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To rehash your memory, Google last year announced that it will end support for Android Developer Tools(ADT) in Eclipse Integrated Development Environment(IDE) in the coming months and today it is finally getting rid of the same. This move from the company comes on the heels of Android Studio — developed by Google — becoming the primary tool for developing Android apps.

Over the years, Google has not only be focused on evolving the core experience of Android but also how developers go forward with the development process. The company previously provided Eclipse ADT plugin and Android Ant build system to support development on third-party IDEs. But Google has since changed its stance and believes that developers should use their IDE platform to develop apps for it can offer a more comprehensive toolset. All your

With the launch of Android Studio 2.2, Google has not only ported over your favorite ADT tools including DDMS, Trace Viewer, Network Monitor, and CPU Monitor but also completed the transition that renders ADT useless. You’d now just need to download and install Android Studio to get started with app development. And you don’t have to lose your previous C/C++ project code as you can easily migrate the same with the File > New > Import Project menu option.

Android Studio is available as a free download on all major platforms Windows, Linux and Mac. Though developers are sure to be disappointed with the end of an ADT era which started back in 2009. They would also take some time getting used to the new and fresh environment of Android Studio, but it would be hard for them to resist trying out new features.

The latest iteration of Android Studio — first released in 2013 — brings with it a set of impressive designing, iterating, or testing tools. Some prominent changes include a super-fast iteration engine, new UI designer, a more flexible constraint layout, CMake and ndk-build support with an improved apk analyzer as well. This sounds like a goody bag full of the best Halloween candy!!

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