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Apple has introduced numerous changes to the design and features of the new entrant of the MacBook Pro family. With the addition of upgraded technologies in the form of an OLED Touch Bar and USB Type-C ports all around the new laptop, Cupertino has gotten rid of the infamous startup chime. The F-sharp major chord that accompanied the bootup and signaled that you’re Mac is starting up has now been done away with.

This change was first spotted by Pingie in Apple’s support notes, which had been updated with regard to the new MacBook Pros. Prior to this change, the FAQ page for resetting the NVRAM stated that you need to would wait to hear two startup chimes. But, this step, where you need to listen closely for the startup sound, has now been removed from the instructions. This is the end of an era.

This move from the tech behemoth has ensued due to the inclusion of automatic boot-up in the latest MacBook Pro lineup. For those unaware, you no longer need to press the power button to switch on the MacBook Pro. The software(i.e macOS Sierra) will now kick in the moment you open the lid the laptop or plug your MacBook into a power source while the screen is still open. This also works in the case of external displays.

Apple first introduced this sharp startup sound in Macs in 1984. The removal of the same, however, coincides with the 25th anniversary of the release of the company’s first-ever notebook. Cupertino had also registered a trademark for the sound and described it as,

a synthesizer playing a slightly flat, by approximately 30 cents, G Flat / F Sharp major chord

With this release, things have also come full circle and in line with other products of the family including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and watch which don’t make any startup sound.

For all those who are reminiscing the golden days of the Macintosh, here’s a treat for you:

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