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Here’s how to watch today’s Apple Event livestream

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It has already been a blockbuster week for us gadget lovers. Microsoft took its hardware game to an altogether different level with Surface Studio and an upgraded Surface Book. Its now Apple‘s turn to wow us with some awesome new piece of desktop hardware.

But unfortunately, not all of us would be there in Apple’s launch event, and hence the need of a rescuer called livestream.

As always, If you have the latest Apple TV, you can download the Apple Events app in the App Store. It lets you stream today’s event and rewatch old events. For folks with older version of Apple TVs, you simply switch on your television to zoom through the livestream.

And if you don’t have an Apple TV, the company also lets you live stream the event from the Apple Events section on its website. This video feed however, only works in Safari and Microsoft Edge. But fret not, the good news is that it works on macOS, iOS and Windows 10 — chances are you have at least one device running Safari or Edge.

What can we expect ? Well, not as much as you see in a the flagship September event, but if you are a Mac fan, you still have a lot that might amaze you. I must mention here — after that big showcase yesterday from Microsoft — which had cheekingly kept its launch event just a day before Apple’s — it is going to require a lot more from the Cupertino giant than just a few upgrades, to rival its rival from Redmond.

Most anticipated of course is the new Macbook Pro, which — as already leaked by Apple itself — is set to come with a magic toolbar that shows you notifications, battery life and other stuff. This helps in freeing a lot of clutter form the desktop, which makes me believe you are going to see a more minimalistic approach to desktops and laptops.

The Cupertino giant is likely to talk about the iMac as well, but you shouldn’t expect more than a performance upgrade. We could here more of the upcoming external retina display, though a physical launch is a still a distant picture.

So, to sum up it all. We can expect the following announcements :

  • A new Macbook Pro with secondary OLED display.
  • An updated 13 inch Macbook Air
  • A minimal performance upgrade for the iMACs
  • There could be a few smaller, sidelined software announcements as well.

To sum up how to watch the livestream, here you go :

  • Safari on any of Apple’s devices.
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 or Apple devices
  • Apple Events section for Apple 4th gen owners
  • Simple switching on of the TV for Apple TV 2nd gen and 3rd gen owners.

At 10 AM PT (10:30 PM Indian Time), you’ll be able to watch the event on all Apple devices.

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