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Microsoft gives gaming features in Windows 10 Creators Update a boost with native Beam support

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Microsoft has made an official announcement today regarding the launch of its Windows 10 Creators Update, which will be rolling out to Windows 10 devices early next year. This update will primely focus on three key areas:

  • Augmented and virtual reality, including ‘3D for everyone’
  • Better gaming, including 4K and in-game broadcasting
  • Improving the experience of connecting to everyone that matters most – family, friends, fellow gamers, or colleagues

However, the major focus of Microsoft’s launch event today was creativity, and when the update will arrive during early 2017, there will also be a cache of improvements for gamers. Microsoft claimed that it has built Windows 10 to be the greatest gaming platform out there, and to include 4K gaming. Thus, with the new creators update, gamers can look forward to:

  • Built-in Game Broadcasting


Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 will be making its debut, which will bring built-in video game streaming to the platform at the operating system level. The technology for this is built using Beam, the streaming company that Microsoft took over earlier this year.

The video game broadcasting tools that will be provided by Beam incorporate several new and distinct interaction options for spectators, including the ability to make suggestions (that could get annoying, very soon).

  • Custom Tournaments 


Players will also be given the capability to create their own tournaments using the Arena service in Xbox Live, something that Microsoft compared to creating your own fantasy football league. The tool will automatically track your and your friend’s scores and manage all your respective rankings once you’ve completed your initial setup.

  • Audio Improvements


And finally, the Creators Update will be including Bitstream audio passthrough support for any and all Blu-ray games on the platform, which means that complete audio fidelity is now finally available to PC gamers. In addition to this, it also means that Dolby atmos will be supported, which is a boon for gamers who admire good quality audio.

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