Singapore-based Arcstone came into existence in 2013 with one goal – to revolutionize the way data is utilized in enterprises. The teammthen set out to build a platform to improve visibility in manufacturing by collecting real time data.

Its in-house IoT/SaaS platform christened arc.ops (Arcstone Operations Platform) integrates with IoT sensors, machines, ERPs, and workstation tablets for fully automated to fully manual processes in manufacturing, machine maintenance and warehousing.

The system collects data in manufacturing plants, keeping track of products through the various manufacturing stages. The data is then uploaded onto platforms where it is analysed, helping firms spot and address production problems. It lowers the cost of monitoring manufacturing plants and escalate the speed at which users can deal with changing circumstances. Also, this bestows senior management with the ability to visualize and optimize their facilities anywhere in the world, and to forecast and plan for future growth.

The data analytics startup has built a wide user-base in Singapore and now is all set to establish its first overseas office in Vietnam next month. Also, it has started exploring the Indonesian and Chinese markets, according to Founder Willson Deng. It sealed deals with clients in the three markets comprising a collaboration with engineering company Siemens in China.

The company offers its services to Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, to small and medium enterprises. This diverse customer base helped the startup further develop its internal systems. It stands out from other firms due to the flexibility of its systems. Its solutions can be easily reconfigured by the users themselves to meet their requirements.

Last week, Arcstone signed a memorandum of understanding with local precision engineering firm Meiban to develop solutions. This association is supported by Singapore’s Economic Development Board’s initiative to groom digital champion, under the recently announced precision engineering Industry Map.

Arcstone raised its Pre-Series A venture funding at the end of 2015. It was also awarded the IoT in Manufacturing Entrepreneurial Company of the Year title at the Frost and Sullivan Singapore Excellence Awards last week.



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