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Once more Apple is in the news and this time, we have Official figures on the adoption rate of its latest iOS 10 platform. Just yesterday, we talked about reports from Fiksu and Mixpanel, which declared that adoption rates had reached almost two thirds of all devices. However, Apple has come up with its own, more conservative official figures, according to which iOS 10 adoption is nearer the halfway mark.

According to the company, iOS 10 adoption rates have exceeded the halfway mark and the platform is now entrenched upon over 54% of its install base.

The different estimations made by different firms and the company itself as led to a 12 percent decrease from 66% to 54%. The difference in the data is caused due to the different estimation processes used by these marketing firms, as compared to Apple’s more reliable methods. While the data produced by these firms is based upon Internet visits, Apple’s data sample deploys App Store visits as its base and does not require third party involvement.

According to Apple, 54% of its users are well updated with iOS 10, 38% users are still on iOS 9 and just about 8% of its users have iOS 8 and older versions installed.

iOS 10 actually had a slow start because the company delayed sending  out notifications about updating the operating system, to users. But a few weeks later users were notified and the adoption gained speed. Apple’s latest OS delivers some design enhancement along with upgrades to features like Messages, Maps, Siri, Photos, Apple Music and News.

The idea of delaying notifications could be understood as part of a plan to maintain the ease of delivery for Apple’s infrastructure and its Apple care support teams. When the rush to get updated died down and all the proactive folks went back home with their iOS 10, the company started sending notifications to the rest. This all new delaying tactic was never tried before, however, the debut appears to have resulted in smoother functioning.

To make some some comparisons, Android 7.0 “Nougat”, which was also launched recently, received a less rousing welcome. Going by figures, only about 0.1% of users have installed it yet. Even it’s predecessor, Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”, is now installed upon 18.7% of devices whereas almost half of iPhone users are on iOS 10, within a month of launch.

This might be because android updates are not directly connected to Google but are handled by its manufacturers and carriers. But it still speaks volumes about Apple’s superior strategy and efficiency in handling updates.

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