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Apple is a pretty trending topic now a days. From becoming the most valuable company in the world to its products being banned in cabinet meetings, you hear about it everywhere. Well, we now have a fresh reason to discuss it, thanks to data from mobile marketing firm Fiksu. Apparently, the iOS 10 is the company’s fastest growing operating system and has already managed to cover almost two third of the active iOS install base since inception.

Interestingly, the adoption rate associated with the platform was pretty low in the early weeks, however, it gained traction and really started capturing devices by the last of September. Indeed, the operating system was well behind iOS 6,7 and 9 in the early weeks, however near the end of the month, its popularity seemed to skyrocket.

Both Fiksu and Mixpanel report around 66% iOS 10 adoption. Technically, you don’t get to see such speed this early on, but iOS 10 is proving to be an exception. Less than a month after the platform was made public by Apple, there is a virtual stampede to install it. This sudden excitement, or what seems like a sudden excitement, may be due to a combination of various factors.

Apple notifies its users to update their operating system whenever a new iOS platform is launched. However, the company is not as insistent as say Microsoft. The notifications start popping up quite a while after the software actually starts shipping. So, while the early adopters were those who were keeping an eye out of the update on their own, a lot of people came on board later, when Apple started notifying users.

Also, the notifications occurred around the time when iPhone 7 and 7 Plus started shipping. This probably contributed in the growth of the iOS 10 market share as well.

According to Apple’s data, the fastest adoption record was made by iOS 9 which took only a week to almost cover 50% of iPhones but then slowed down and took two and a half months to reach 70%. With the kind of growth curve that is being exhibited by iOS 10, we can expect it to reach 70 percent in a matter of weeks.

According to Tom Cummings, CP of new market strategy, Fiksu,

We’ve never seen this kind of acceleration in the adoption curve for an iOS upgrade. After a lackluster first two weeks, a combination of increased emphasis by Apple and improved user confidence in iOS 10 is pushing adoption rates to new heights. It is likely that users were hesitant to update to iOS 10 during the initial weeks as news of bugs and malfunctions surfaced. 

Cummings further added that this sudden rise must be due to the recent user interface enhancements and the bevy of additional features that Apple has packed in with the platform. Messages, Maps, Apple music, News have all received major overhauls and combined with the iPhone 7 release, they have been enough to make iOS 10 one of Apple’s most popular platforms.

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