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Battlefield 1 might launch without giving users the ability to ‘rent servers’

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It has always been a tradition for dedicated gamers to be able to rent servers in the immensely successful Battlefield series, whether it is to play it with your clan or to set your own unique set of rules for engagement. Unless EA are the ones hosting these servers themselves, though, it’s very likely that they’re not going to be part of the Battlefield 1 at launch. 

According to a story recently published by EdgeGamers. They had called out to I3D, EA’s premium Battlefield server provider, to dig out more info about renting a server. During the call, it became abundantly clear that the company hadn’t yet been included in talks about official server rental in the game.

This could mean that EA are personally handling these servers themselves. Up till now they’ve always used I3D, and I3D are already housing Battlefield 1’s official servers.

The transcript reads:

At this point in time we are not allowed to offer any BF1 servers to the general public, I would not rule it out in the future. But there is also that EA/Dice may host the servers themselves or that EA/Dice may resell them to the public themselves. Because the launch is so close and they continue to be very vague – there has been no confirmation about what we can do. Honestly, I am as confused as our customers.

I3D stated that they were initially allowed to tell all their Battlefield 4 players that they would proceed with migrating their Battlefield 3 servers across over a month ahead of time, and they also took fresh orders for new servers a month ahead of time for that sequel. At this point, though, there seem to be no options available for those looking to carry a game server across to the WW1 shooter.

We have no word from EA/Dice on this at the moment, It would benefit us as well to rent servers to the general public. But EA/Dice is in the driver’s seat.

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