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Pokemon Go to introduce ‘catch bonuses’ that’ll elevate the capturing experience

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After combining a nostalgic memory with AR, Pokemon Go was off to a bombastic start. It amassed a following of millions in no time, but the popularity of the game has since been on a steep decline. Niantic Labs, however, is still working to introduce new tweaks to not only save its userbase, but also elevate the user experience. And today, it has shed light on another new feature that’ll soon be making its way to the game.

Until now, the game allowed you to go out and catch Pokemons in exchange of experience points that helped you level up, and earn various medals in the process. It, however, didn’t amount to anything more substantial. But in the next update, Niantic is adding a new feature called ‘catch bonus’.

This will grant you a bonus for when you earn a certain medal based on the type of Pokemon you’ve caught. The different types of Pokemon types will include Kindler, Psychic, Gardener, among others. These bonuses will not only improve your chances towards capturing more Pokemons with a related type, but also aid you in finding more rare Pokemons in the process. Thus, you can work your way up the ranks by catching many Pokemons of the same type.

For example, as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, your bonus to catch Fire-type Pokémon such as Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta increases,

says the official blogpost.

And that is not all. Niantic has also taken into account the fact that a Pokemon can have multiple types. It has thus decided to take all types into consideration while calculating the bonus. If your Pokemon(for eg. Pidgey) is both normal and flying type, then the total bonus received by you will be the average of the bonuses for each type.

The company is introducing features that’ll make your grind(walking around the colony aimlessly) of catching Pokemons and upgrading your collection a little more worthwile. Last month, it has introduced a ‘Buddy Pokemon‘ system to help you take a Pokemon along for a walk with you. In return for your hardwork, the game awarded you with candies for that specific Pokemon. It is also said to be working on some of the much-requested features, like tracking, training, swapping and battles to keep the people hooked to this sensation.

But, are you still playing Pokemon Go? Comment your thoughts down below.

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