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Ubisoft has officially removed the initially proclaimed as “Crucial” split-screen support from its upcoming, highly anticipated sword fighting title, For Honor. Producer Stephane Cardin confirmed the aforementioned in a Ubisoft-produced video for the game which released this week. The update was first spotted and reported by IGN.

We decided this week to cut the split-screen,

he said.

As a die hard fan of the co-op feature and someone who’s been really looking forward to the game’s release because of the possibility of getting to annihilate my friends in a nice split-screen match, this news comes as a major disappointment.

It was a feature that we loved, but when we looked at what needs to be done to support online co-op, for us it was critical to make the decision now so we can polish all the features at the Triple-A level and make sure that we have the most amazing experience.

Cardin explained.

In the video above, Cardin mentioned that it was a “very difficult decision” to part ways from For Honor’s split-screen feature. It’s becoming harder and harder to understand the removal of split screen from every other next gen. title coming out. The previous shock which hit this hard came when Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that Halo 5 will not be including Split screen. Such decisions are made not keeping in mind the players, but merely accountability and moolah.

During E3 2015, For Honor’s creative director Jason VandenBerghe had emphasised the fact that split-screen was “absolutely a key feature” for their title. But, no one knows what changed during the course of this year. Maybe they got hid hard on the head?! Maybe!

Split-screen is super-required, because this is a game about fighting with weapons, split-screen [is] absolutely a key feature for us. You want sit on the couch and beat up your buddy, right? That’s the thing,

said VandenBerghe during E3 2015.

For Honor releases February 14, 2017 across all major platforms, inlcuding PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay Tuned.


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