And following right after the beautiful and sleek Google-branded Pixel phones, the company has announced yet another powerful and useful iteration of its circular streaming device — the Chromecast Ultra. And as the rumor mill predicted, we’ve got our hands on a 4K/HDR supported hardware product that sits nicely behind your television set.

Htting the nail on its head, Google has introduced a new Chromecast product which still embodies the sleek and circular design language that the product is known for. Going beyond the full HD capabilites of the cheaper Plus model, the Ultra now brings with it supprt for 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and even Dolby vision. But, are you having doubts about the availability of 4K content?

At first, you’ll be able to stream 4K content from Netflix, YouTube and Vudu, and we’re working to bring more 4K and HDR content on board. Later this year, Google Play Movies & TV will be rolling out 4K content,

states the blogpost.

If you’re television isn’t 4K compatible, the Chromecast Ultra will automatically optimize the picture quality to deliver the best viewing experience. In addition, the company has also made certain improvements on the connectivity front, and this has made the device about 1.8 times faster than the previous model.

As usual, the device now supports improved Wi-Fi connectivity models that’ll help you stream 4K content without a hitch. But for those who have a problematic wireless connection, Google has added an ethernet port to the power adapter for wired connections. Thus, you’ll now never have any interruptions in your content streaming via the Chromecast.

Adding to the hardware upgrades of the Chromecast is still the capability to cast your favorite content from thousands of apps using your hand-held device. The Chromecast Ultra also bring with support for the smart home speaker that was officially announced at the launch event today. Using the same, you can instruct the Assistant to play any trailer or movie of your choice on the big screen.

Now coming to pricing of the Chromecast Ultra. Following in the footsteps of the 4K trend, Google dropped the new streaming device but has hiked the price of the same as compared to previous iterations. The Chromcast Ultra has been priced at $69 —  exactly double the Chromecast Plus — and will be available for sale in Novemeber of this year. Though the price is hefty, it is still a bargain as compared to other 4K streaming sticks(ahem! Roku!) available in the market.

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