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Just recently, Dice and EA caused a stir in the single player fanbase of the gaming community by releasing a beautifully stitched together trailer of Battlefield 1. It show-cased the fact that there will be 4 separate stories of 4 separate soldiers. We’re now direly waiting to see how the story will unfold and it’ll all come together in the action packed alternate version of world war one that has been prepared by Dice. 

Up until the release of the aforementioned trailer, EA and Dice’s prime focus has been the promotion of Battlefield’s Multiplayer, which, to be honest, has been the biggest reason behind its success. So to see such heart put into the development of it’s single player campaign, to provide a fresh new experience which portrays several different perspectives from the same war and to shove the player deeper into the story — is beyond exciting!!


Battlefield 1 is set to release in just a matter of weeks. Electronic Arts after dropping the deeds on the wildy popular multiplayer gameplay sometime back is finally pushing open the flood gates on the game’s spectacular single player aspect. As we learned from the trailer, the campaign will be split into four separate “war stories”, each of which will be focusing on a different playable character, each with their own set of skills(and probably weapons as well).

The footage you see below, courtesy of YouTuber Westie, is straight from the prologue of the game. “What follows is frontline combat,”  as the text reads, “you are not expected to survive.” Immediately after the initial character inevitably dies(we all saw that coming), the footage seems to jump over to the story of Dean Stevenson, who mans a tank through an apocalyptic looking wasteland.

Battlefield 1 is set to release on October 21. Till then, check out this spectacular 12 minute gameplay footage immediately.

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