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IvyCamp and Zhucloud team up to bring Chinese investors to India

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IvyCamp, an initiative of the IvyCap Ventures, and Zhucloud, have announced a partnership which will provide Chinese investors with access to the Indian startup ecosystem. The partnership will bring visibility for Indian startups on IvyCamp‘s platform to a large base of Chinese investors via Zhucloud.

The initiative has hit the ground running and over 30 early stage VC funds from China — including the likes of Cyber Carrier, Fenghou Capital, Legend Capital, Plum Ventures, Grand View Capital, K2VC, Hill House Capital, Fusion Capital, Heli Capital and Chengwei Capital — have decided to participate.

These firms usually invest anywhere between USD $200,000 to USD 2 million in early stage startups. Now though, they will be expanding their reach to invest in Indian startups in sectors like Healthcare, Fintech, E-commerce and iOT.

The partnership will facilitate pitches by startups to this pool of investors by organizing events in Mumbai and Bangalore in November 2016. The pitch events will be designed to provide a platform for these Chinese investors to interact directly with Indian startups.

Commenting on this, Mr. Eric Shu, Director of Incapital said:

We are very excited to partner with IvyCamp that has a strong global Alumni connect which mirrors our philosophy. We have seen interest from the Chinese investment community to invest in Indian Startups and through this partnership we aim to facilitate these investments.

However, the partnership is not limited to funding. IvyCamp & Zhucloud will also leverage knowledge and experience on behalf of startups, by getting Chinese mentors, incubators and accelerators to add value to the Indian startup ecosystem.

Dr. Anju Gupta, President & Cofounder of IvyCamp said:

This partnership is another step forward in promoting our Indian startups globally and helping them get the resources and knowledge they need to be successful. Our philosophy to leverage the Alumni networks to help entrepreneurs be successful resonates with ecosystems across countries and this partnership is an example of how powerful this connect can be.

This collaboration is yet another sign of the increasing global interest in India’s start-up landscape. As per NASSCOM, India is home to the third largest base for startups in the world. Given this pace of growth, if the landscape continues to evolve at its current rate, then by the end of 2020 more than 11,500 start-ups are expected to get established in India — generating employment opportunities for over 250,000 people.


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