Mafia III has been in the talks ever since it was first revealed earlier this year. The series’ “return to the classics” style mixed with literary depth, brutality and indulgant game-play has left the fans begging for more and now, the release isn’t all that far away. But before we get our hands on the game, the developers have decided to tease us one final time, with what has to be some of the most glorious game-play footage of the Mafia III yet. Feast your eyes upon 15 minutes of gun blazing action folks!

While pretty much all of the latest Mafia 3 reveals have focused mostly on logistics, profiles and politics, nothing quite compares to seeing it all come together in a classic, sparkling cocktail. The latest game-play trailer that has emerged from Hangar 13 and 2K’s epic crime affair showcases just over a quarter of an hour filled to the brim with stealthiness, shooting, and, throwing twisted mob bosses from top floor skyscraper windows—as protagonist Lincoln Clay is born to do.

Not only are we treated to some fantastic fire fighting and stealthy vehicle swiping, the game-play snippet below begins with Lincoln Clay riding through the iconic Bayou marshlands—one of the ten districts in the massive map the game has to offer . So put on those shades and enjoy that lovely sunset.

But for obvious reasons, Lincoln can’t chill out for too long, cause’ there’s a bald-headed under-boss that needs to be sorted and he’s the perfect man for the job. As you saw above, he has to tool-up if he’s going to take down Tony Darazio’s horde of diligent delinquents before going mano-e-mano with the top dog himself.

And that doesn’t promise to end very well for the latter, to which the bemused, suited man right at the end of the trailer says: “I still don’t know how the hell Lincoln got out of that hotel.

Yeah I’m not quite sure what that meant either, but we are likely to find out for next Friday, October 7, when Mafia 3 finally makes a landing.


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