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Google extends AMP optimization to all supported mobile search results

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The Mountain View-based search behemoth, Google has long shouldered the task to make searching content on the web faster and seamless. It had, thus, introduced an open source initiative — Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) — which lets mobile web pages load 4 times faster earlier this year. But, the experience was previously limited to news sites in the ‘Top Stories’ section of the search results.

Google has since worked on expanding the scope of AMP optimization to other new websites, and launched a new website that previewed how AMP would be supported on non-news mobile websites. These include segments like e-commerce, entertainment, travel, recipe sites and so on. Today, the company is announcing that AMP support is moving out of preview and launching the faster browsing experience on the entirety of mobile search results.

In addition to news websites in the Top Stories section, the search results on your mobile device will now exclusively show a label that will indicate that the page is AMP’d. The sites, as shown above, will be marked with a small lightining symbol along with the words ‘AMP’ written underneath the web address.

As noted by Google in the official blogpost, an average AMP page loads four times faster and uses ten times less data than the the equivalent non-AMP page. Also, the median time it takes for an AMP page to load from Google Search is less than one second. The AMP-powered pages are extremely lightweight and load superfast, within the AMP viewer on Google’s mobile search results.

In addition to this, Google search algorithms gives high priority to AMP optimized pages in search results, due to its fast page load speed. And the company surveys have also revealed that a person is more likely to click a AMP link as compared to a normal non-AMP search result, once he’s experienced the fast and seamless browsing experience.

Till date, over 600 million AMP documents — in 232 locales and 104 languages — have been created by sites such as eBay, Reddit, Shopify, Konga, WikiHow, Cybercook, Skyscanner, Flipkart and many more from all over the world, says David Besbris, VP of Google Search. Also, AMP results from over 700,000 domains have been indexed by Google.

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