Earlier this March, we saw Google port its Destinations service to the mobile web. The company had then commented that it had seen a 50 percent spike in travel-related questions on mobile devices last year. Today, the service is expanding to desktop web globally, as well.

If you didn’t know already, Google Destinations is the company’s trip planning service specifically meant for Search users. It was originally meant only for mobile users, but it seems like Google is covering more ground now. The main aim of this service is to provide extensive information to potential tourists and travellers about their destinations.

Potentially, the only difference between Google’s services and major travel service providers is that the former has not yet launched its own booking service for accommodations. Destinations will redirect you to partner sites like Hotels.com or Booking.com etc. For flight comparisons, you will be brought to the trustee old Google Flights.

Logging onto the Destinations website, users will be provided with a series of most popular trips based on their search query. Essentially, the best places to visit and so on will be the most prominent data displayed on the site initially. You will also get details like when flights are cheapest, ticket prices, hotel rates and even activities that can be enjoyed at your selected destination.


Walking through the details even further, you can find in-depth information about your destination (thanks to Wikipedia), learn about the conditions and climate, watch videos and even view the best dates to visit the place.

The service was perviously available on web in the US. Today, however, we are going to see a global roll out. Features that were exclusive to mobile are also going live for web now. Also, support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish has also been added to Destinations for web.

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