When it comes to gaming, no resolution is quite enough, no matter the size of your display. There surely are a few games out in the market that claim to run at 4K, but well, these are just claims. Also, buying 4K compatible graphics processors is something most wouldn’t do, thanks to their insanely high price. All this seems to be changing now, as Microsoft announced today the whole new Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio is an upgrade to the Xbox One that allows the console to run all games made for it by Microsoft Studios at a native 4K resolution.  Microsoft Studios’ publishing general manager Shannon Loftis said today in an interview with USA Today that any game launched by the company in the Scorpio time frame will natively run in 4K on the Xbox One.

While that statement could contain a million loopholes, but the initial questions that come to mind are: Which games will actually get this functionality? Will third-party developers be given an opt-in to this programme? How long will this window last?

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For now, folks, the answers to all these questions is anyone’s guess. But one thing is clear, Microsoft is doing its best to get an edge on its greatest rival in the console market space– the Sony PlayStation 4.

Apparently, Project Scorpio’s hardware comes in with a better GPU that can handle 4K resolution gaming at 60 Hz. The system is also capable of an impressive six teraflops of computing capability. The upgraded Xbox One will be live by the middle on next year, so there’s still time for the Redmond giant to get a lot of games on that 4K list.

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