After the public release of the fairly simplistic video chat application ‘Duo’ last month, Google is now reportedly planning to finally drop its other half — the smart messaging application ‘Allo’ — next week. The messaging app slated for a summer release was first announced and demoed at the I/O Develeoper Conference in May this year.

And with the end of summer deadline closing in on the Montain View-based tech giant, leaks related to the official release have started surfacing the interwebs. According to expert leakster Evan Blass, popularly known as @evleaks, has today tweeted about the release date of the smart messaging application. We’re taking the update with a grain of salt(and you should too), but the app is expected to go live in the Play Store on — a day before the start of fall — 21st September.

The smart messaging app, Allo is a major step forward in the field of AI and machine learning, as it comes baked in with the new and smarter, Google Assistant. Also, the app is simplistic and only requires your phone number(no more Google account logins!) as the primary mode of identification.

The app also another dimension to your messaging experience by suggesting appropriate responses to both text and pictorial messages, and helps you cut down on typing. It also brings into the mix a hoard of new features, including animated graphics, stickers, enlarging/shrinking text, media sharing, event planning, incognito mode and a lot more.

Allo, though a bit late, is coming out in competition to the wondefully beautiful update of Apple’s iMessage on iOS 10. The new iMessage application, with features very much similar to that of Allo, allows users to have fun while also being productive. It serves you with option to send messages in your own handwriting, using digital touch, embed rich media links, shout/whisper text, and also celebrate with confetti, right within the chat window.

Though there is no confirmation from Google’s side, but one can trust Blass who’s been right about his tips/leaks in most occassions. Stay tuned for more updates!

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