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BSE teams up with Twitter to provide live stock updates

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If you’re an investment banker, or someone following the stock markets closely, your Twitter timeline could soon be swamped with live stock updates. In a recent development, Asia’s oldest stock exchange, the BSE, has tied up with Twitter to provide users with real-time updates of stock prices, on the go.

As for what you’ll get, Twitter will provide live updates of S&P BSE Sensex levels, stock prices and opening and closing figures of Sensex companies to investors interested in Indian markets, globally.

In both of their statements, the companies mentioned that the move is towards democratising financial information by enabling millions of Indian investors to easily access stock market and stock-related information through a digital platform. BSE has had a twitter handle since 2012, but sans any real-time feed.

Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD at BSE India, said

We believe this association will also aid in fulfilling the mission of digital India.

Viral Jani, who looks after media partnerships for Twitter India, said, “We are thrilled to pioneer this initiative to make crucial information accessible at your fingertips in this fast-paced world.”

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According to this partnership, Twitter has activated four new features on the platform as of now. These includes allowing users to follow the markets through hourly tweets, autoresponder tweets for Sensex 30 stock prices, auto direct messages for opening and closing figures of Sensex 30, and a live display photo that will change every two minutes to project the Sensex figure.

All of the aforementioned activities will be handled via BSE’s @BSEIndia handle. To subscribe to a company’s opening and closing details through direct messages users can tweet #subscribe #companyname or #unsubscribe #companyname to unsubscribe.

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