Blizzard has always been hailed as the undisputed king of competitive strategy multiplayer gaming with titles such as DoTa and DoTa 2(technically a spin-off). And with it’s most recent release, Overwatch, the gaming giant chose to dig it’s claws deep into the competitive FPS(First person shooter) gaming market as well. Safe to say, they blew it right out of the water!!

With over 15 million players worldwide, on record, Overwatch has become one of the best selling FPS titles of all time. That shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve been following the monthly NPD(National Purchase Diary) group’s market reports. According to these reports, Overwatch has been a consistent best seller with the top position for every month since it was released(if we count out the one month GTA V took first place). Also worth mentioning, these reports didn’t take into account Overwatch’s PC sales.

Now, let’s steer the conversation and talk about the one announcement you’ve been waiting for!

India’s competitive gaming scene has been plagued for too long by the likes of Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Dota. Something which Nvidia, the world leader in visual computing has took note of and is taking the required steps to correct it.

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As a part of it’s GeForce Cup initiative, Nvidia will be organising India’s first-ever Overwatch tournament. This is not only a big feat for the budding e-sports community of our country, but also a big chance for us to prove our metal.

Eight shortlisted cafes across the country will be playing host to the participating teams. Each one of the gaming cafes selected for the tournament are NVIDIA Certified and use their best-selling GeForce GTX graphics card, which, as one would expect, delivers everything it promises in terms of performance and gameplay experience.

Dell Alienware, developer of the beastly gaming machines, has also joined in as a business partner to further accentuate the marketed gaming experience with the help of its legacy in technology, innovative design & performance. The brand has officially completed 20 years of immensely successful existence in the gaming industry just this year.

eSports have taken the world by storm and India is no exception. The format attracts gamers as they get to showcase their skills, compete with each other, and gain recognition from their peer gaming community. At NVIDIA, we see immense market potential in India and through GeForce Cup, we want Indian gamers to experience the latest eSport games on the best platform. This will also pave the way for them to compete at international competitions.

said Vamsi Krishna, Head – Consumer Marketing, South Asia, NVIDIA.

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The India edition of the GeForce Cup tournament will consist of 7 matches and will be spread across three weeks, starting Sep 23 till Oct 08, 2016. Here’s a complete list of dates as well as venues:


And yes, without a doubt, we’ll be covering it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, register and shoot down some nasty opponents to prove you’ve got what it takes to be the Overwatch champion.

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