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Google has recently been testing a lot of minor iterations to the design and functionality of the oh-so-important Play Store on Android. And today, we have reports of Google testing yet another tweak that is likely to help you never miss on downloading an interesting new app and save mobile data in the long run.

We, in the current scenario, are not privy to the limitation of mobile data and the woes it brings with it. But, you always have the option to download something instantly(if you’re too excited!) or wait to get home and use the high-speed Wi-Fi to save your mobile data plan.

Well, Google is also aware of this unfortunate situation and has long provided an option to auto-download/update over Wi-Fi. It also presents you with a pop-up dialog box to ask permission and prevent large downloads from automatically eating into your mobile data. But now, the company is testing yet another add-on feature that’ll help you queue app for download the next you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Drastic DS Emulator apk

The ‘queue’ feature is currently in beta and is showing up for only a group of select users, reports AndroidPolice.  The users testing the new feature report that the app download now doesn’t directly start on tapping the install button, but instead they’re being presented with an updated dialog box — while on mobile data. The new pop-up dialog box lets the users download the application right away or choose the ‘Wait for Wi-Fi’ to queue apps for downloading, the moment you connect to a Wi-Fi network.


Since the ‘queue’ option is currently a test feature, so the Play Store is showing you a warning to use the same on your own discrestion. Earlier larger downloads dialog only showed the warning when you tried to download apps larger than 100MB, but the queue seems to work with smaller download sizes as well.The new dialog box reads,

Google Play is testing this feature. If this feature is removed, apps may be downloaded on mobile networks.

The ‘Wi-Fi queue’ feature can be considered a replacement for the ‘Wishlist’, as you would no longer need to navigate to it, to dowload the apps you marked. This feature is currently being run in a test circle, but we’ll keep an eye out and update you once it starts rolling out more widely to users worldwide.

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