The Vice Chairman, Samsung Electronics, Mr. Jay Y. Lee calls on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on September 15, 2016

Samsung Electronics, the humongous Korean giant is currently facing the rebuttal of angry consumers due to the recent Note 7 exploding fiasco. But, the company is currently undertaking damage control measures, and has announced the appointment of the ailing chairman Lee Kun-hee’s son and Samsung’s heir to the board of directors.

Vice Chairman Mr Jay Y. Lee is the only son of the ailing chairman, and is widely considered by all as the next leader of the Samsung conglomerate. The scion has been brought on board to make him more actively participate, and take formal responsibility in the company’s strategic and important decisions. This nomination will bring a new era to the smartphone manufacturer under the third generation of its founding family.

Now, mere days after his appointment to the board, Jay Y. Lee has undertaken the responsibility to visit India and meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss Samsung’s role in building the future of India. He, at the meeting, emphasized over the fact that the company is interested in being actively involved in the rapidly growing Indian economy. He also briefed PM Modi about Samsung’s present-day business operations and citizenship activities in the country.

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Samsung also took the time to reiterate its long-term commitment towards India as an important strategic partner, and plans to actively participate in Government initiatives such as ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’. The company plans to be a part of the digital revolution with a commitment to growing India as an important production base and R&D hub.

In addition to this, Vice chairman Lee also goes on to add,

Samsung’s ultimate goal is to be not just a foreign investor but a true local business in India, where Samsung will work with local communities to build a better future. Samsung is also committed to ‘Make for India’, an initiative to create meaningful local innovations for the Indian consumers.

Samsung’s heir, as a precusor to the visit, had announced the company’s Make for India initiatives through advertisements. It had listed two manufacturing units in Chennai and Noida, a design centre in Noida and research labs in Bengaluru, Delhi and Noida as well. In addition to this, the company has launched a ‘Samsung Smart Class’ program to help over 200,000 students from low income families to experience e-learning. And eight technical schools are also imparting skills to youth to enable their employability.

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