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The new Note 7s will bear a green battery indicator to differentiate them from the defective ones

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After a handful of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s blew up or plain burnt out a couple of weeks after the launch of the handset, the Korean giant recalled all of the smartphones with a promise of either a replacement or a full refund. And although the affair turned out to be quite heavy of Samsung’s finances, it will still worth it, the company believes.

The newly manufactured Note 7s will hit the Korean market on Monday, the first day after the short Thanksgiving vacation. In order to differentiate between the faulty units and the newly built ones, Samsung is changing the colour of the battery indicator at the top right corner of the home screen to green from white. Seems like the best move to do, right?

The new Note 7s will be available local distributors and stores in South Korea on Monday so that the exchange will begin soon. We don’t know yet whether or not the same consideration will be made for global users.

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Another interesting rumour is that the name for the new batch of Note 7s will be changed in order to avoid customer confusion. While some say the new Note 7 will be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7S, others believe that only the model number of the device will be changed. Regardless, we now know how to differentiate between legit and faulty units at least.

A shocking revelation is that according to data from Apteligent, despite warnings, Note 7 owners are still using the phones.

The company had sold a total of around 400,000 of the devices before the recall and according to analysts, their stock will be replenished to this number by the end of the week. So, if you returned a Note 7 fearing that it might turn into a hand grenade, you might have your hands on a whole new handset by the end of next week.

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