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Just last week at the keynote event, Apple once again took the stage to unveil its latest smartphone innovations — iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And since then the Indian populous has been wondering about the money they’ll need to shell out to buy one. Well, wait no more, Apple has just confirmed the price brackets for the upcoming iPhone 7 line-up. It has also reconfigured the pricing of the older models as well.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to be available in the Indian markets starting October 7th. It will available in over 3,000 Redington stores across the country. They will be accompanied by its younger brethren, the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the mini powerhouse iPhone SE. Apple, at the keynote event, had sort of dropped hints that the iPhone 7 line-up in India will be priced Rs.60,000 onwards. And that is so very true!

iPhone 7

Apple has maintained a price bracket similar to its previous gen. iPhone 6  started off at a firm Rs. 60,000 for the 32 GB iPhone 7. Now all you need to do is, add another 10 grand to the base price while increasing the internal storage. So, the 128 GB iPhone 7 has been priced at Rs. 70,000 while the 256 GB model costs Rs. 80,000.

iPhone 7 Plus

Being a (bigger and badder!) powerhouse with add-ons like a dual rear camera setup, the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to run you an even larger bill. Starting with the 32 gigs model, the iPhone 7 Plus will be priced at Rs. 72,000. Now, similar to the situation above, add another 10 grand while constantly increasing the internal storage. This means, the 128 GB iPhone 7 will be priced at a hefty Rs. 82,000 while the 256 GB variant will cost you Rs. 92,000(woah!!).

This time around, the Cupertino giant has taken ‘most-requested’ customer feedback into account and doubled the internal memory on the iPhone 7 line-up. There is no 16GB or 64GB model, so one could see people clamming for the 128 gigs model — in favor of longevity, and more storage. There will, however, still be a humongous amounts of takers for the 32GB model because of the favourable pricing.

Older iPhone models

In addition to this, Apple has also reconfigured the older iPhone models to have more storage and latest internal specs at a lower price point. It has slashed the prices for the iPhone 6 line-up by about 22,000 to attract more customers. You can buy a 32GB iPhone 6/6s for Rs. 50,000/Rs. 60,000 while the 128 GB model will run you another 10 grand. The ‘smaller’ iPhone SE launched last year has also faced a price cut, and will now cost you Rs. 39,000 for the 16GB model, and Rs. 44,000 for the 32GB one.

Apple has taken a very simplistic and rational approach towards pricing the new iPhone 7 lineup for India this year. It has also kept the pricing fairly constant(and generous!), very similar to its previous generation brethren and this has definitely caused a shuffle amongst buyers(as well as Apple fanboys). But, the only question that remains is, whether we’ll be able to buy one or not?? Because Cupertino is already reporting a shortage in supplies, including the current unavailability of the jet Black models.

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