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Google Maps might finally start warning you for over speeding

google maps update
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It is finally there, or at least thats what certain users are reporting. That one elusive feature which would make Google Maps just the perfect navigational companion, also resulting in an ultimate K.O. for traditional GPS systems — speed limit indications.

According to sightings by certain users, a speed limit sign in the bottom-right corner of Google Maps Navigation has started appearing. Android Police was the first one to take down screenshots of the same. The changes appeared to have come in the Android app (pictured below) and in Android Auto. Code for speed limit capability started showing up in Google Maps 9.35, but whether you get the new feature or not is up to a server-side switch.

Credits : Android Police
Credits : Android Police

There’s no official update comment or launch yet. But since a lot of users have started seeing this, you can expect the roll-out pretty soon. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned !

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